ApiHealth NZ Ltd is proud to present its innovative high quality skin care NZ bee venom products manufactured with brand ApiBeaute’.  After years of research and testing we have come up with this revolutionary concept which will change the way you look at skin care.  Our new skin care range will help you get that beautiful, healthy skin you’ve always wanted the natural way, using only the best of Mother Nature.

Discover ApiBeaute’ skin care bee venom products: premium quality combined with trusted patented technology.

Why NZ Bee Venom VENZ TM by ApiHealth NZ Ltd?

  • NZ patented technology you can trust
    Since 1998, ApiHealth NZ Ltd has been leading the way in bee venom product innovations. We have years of experience in biological research, biotechnology and apitherapy.
  • Ethical and humane philosophy
    Our unique method of bee venom collection ensures that NZ precious honey bees are not harmed during the process.
  • Premium quality made naturally
    VENZ™ by ApiHealth NZ Ltd is 100% natural, locally produced bee venom of the highest possible grade.
  • Safety and efficacy 
    In our skincare products, we use VENZ ™ in safe and potent concentration, to maximize delivery potential of its active ingredients to skin.
  • Total well-being 
    VENZ™ masks have continuous unique effects on body and mind, from mood enhancement and relaxation and harmonious mood.

Exclusive Bee Venom Masks with Patented NZ Bee Venom www.apibeaute.co.nz