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Certificates & Patents

Manuka Testing

A combination of three of our most popular manuka honey tests (MGO, DHA & HMF) all done as one analysis using Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC).

RMP Certificate

An RMP is a written programme designed to manage the hazards, wholesomeness and labelling of animal material and products. Hazards may be biological, chemical or physical.

​Your RMP describes how you will process your products to meet the requirements of the Animal Products Act 1999. This is to ensure the products you sell are ‘fit for purpose’ – safe, suitable and truthfully labelled.

Intellectual Property

The company ApiHealth NZ Ltd has started to collect bee venom in New Zealand in 1997 and was a first bee venom manufacturer in New Zealand.

​Dr Nikolai Nikolaev patented a modernized technology of bee venom collection both in Russian and New Zealand (NZ patent #329585).This technology allows collecting super grade bee venom in a commercial scale without harming the bees.

At present ApiHealth NZ Ltd is a main commercial producer of high quality of Bee venom and bee venom products in New Zealand.


VENZ™ is a Trade Mark for ApiHealth bee venom collected in New Zealand which has a unique therapeutic effect and hypoallergenic and it can be used in right dose for producing health product as a food additive and for manufacturing pharmaceutical products.