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ApiHealth Invites Distributes for Co-operation

Offers a wide range of New Zealand natural bee health products manufactured using innovative scientific technologies. The range of their products includes Bee Venom (VENZ™) products, NZ Propolis, Pollen and Royal Jelly products, Manuka Honeys with Herbal extracts, UMF Manuka Honeys, Products for Pet health and skincare products.

We seek partners in the development of new markets for our long-term co-operation.

International distributors are welcome to market and sell our unique natural bee health products.

We would be happy to export our products to overseas markets and let your customers evaluate the benefits of our 100% pure and natural bee products, designed to improve health and well-being, strengthen stamina and boost the immune system

Distributor Criteria


  1. Possibility to establish sales and distribution channels in your country.
  2. Motivation to promote the ApiHealth brand and its New Zealand origin product range.
  3. Resources to grow and develop the market for ApiHealth products.

If you would like to become a distributor, fill out the form below or you may download Distributor Enquiry Form and email it to us at info@apihealth.com

Product Catalog

Here is our pdf Catalog for you to have a look, what products we have plus we can always make new ones

Company Presentation

We have prepared a pdf file with our company presentation