Bee Venom Honey

ApiHealth NZ Ltd offered to use natural New Zealand bee venom as a food supplement for the first time in the world because of its absolutely unique properties. Products with NZ bee venom in combination with manuka honey have a lot of beneficial properties for many health conditions.

Production technology has been developed and patented by ApiHealth (NZ patent #333790)

Dr. Nikolai Nikolaev suggested using dry bee venom powder VENZ™ for honey based products and developed the technology of mixing both liquid and dry honey with dry bee venom. The safe and beneficial health dosage of bee venom in the products was scientifically substantiated. This technology was recognized as innovative (NZ patent #333790). The main advantage of this technology is the possibility of standardization of bee venom dosage in a final product. Another advantage is preservation of biologically active components of honey and bee venom and their healing properties during a long period of time.

We hope you will be satisfied with quality of our bee venom honeys and will get real benefit from them.

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