Womens’ Health Pack

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Natural Immune System Support for Womens’ Health

Health Pack for Women Health

Dear Customer. We would like to provide you more information how you can get benefit from ordered pack.

1. Royal Jelly chewable tablets.

Though clinical research on the topic is limited,
anectodal evidence suggests that Royal Jelly may assist women by:

•    Regulating female hormones 
•    Helping alleviate irregular menstrual cycles
•    Alleviating PMS symptoms
•    Enhancing health in pregnancy
•    Nourishing breastfeeding mums
In combination with Colostrum our chewable tablets help improve general health
and immune system. We use only NZ origin source of Royal Jelly and Colostrum.

2. Pro-Pollen extract.

The well-known anti-bacterial properties of Manuka Honey
in combination with nutritional value Bee Pollen and antibacterial active Bee
propolis make product very beneficial for women health. This product provides:

✔ Stimulation of immune system, overall wellness and fertility 
✔ Demonstrates a regulatory action on intestinal functions
✔ Support blood vessels and cholesterol in normal
✔ Improve energy
✔ Nutritional support (Bee pollen does contain vitamins, minerals,
antioxidants, proteins and amino acids. )

3. Pantopol.

Pantopol comes from deer velvet extract "Pantocrin" in combination with
bee pollen. Pantopol has the unique properties that can help correct symptoms women
experience during their period and beyond. Pantocrin is a known stimulant of red blood
cells, which help carry oxygen throughout the body. Increased oxygen levels directly
benefit the circulatory system, and in turn, scientists believe this plays a crucial role in
lessening congestion and contraction of pelvic muscles. Main beneficial properties are:

✔ Regulate Hormonal Imbalance
✔ Help for Menopausal Women 
✔ Improve Energy


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