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  • Energy support
  • Support the immune system
  • Improve muscular strength and endurance
  • Improves blood circulation and energy

What is the uniqueness of ApiHealth  Bee Pollen extract?

  • High degree of Bee Pollen casings destruction
  • Shelf life expansion and preservation of useful properties of Bee Pollen
  • High degree of extraction of active bee pollen components
  • Allergic components removal

Effect of Deer Antler Velvet on Aerobic, Anaerobic and Strength Performance., Conrad P. Earnest et al., Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine, Vol. 9, No. 1/2015: 17–26

Bioactive components of velvet antlers and their pharmacological properties. Sui Z., et al, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. 2014; 87:229–240.

Unique properties of deer velvet as a powerful immune system stimulator in combination with nutritional bee pollen extract rich with biologically active natural components make the product useful for different kind of body conditions caused by stress. Extract increases body resistibility towards unfavourable factors of environment.

General information about Deer Velvet

Deer Velvet is unique. No other living animal product grows once every year, only to be replaced the following year by the same natural process. Antler begins as a living cartilage, well supplied with blood and enclosed in a skin covered with fine hair.

“Velvet” is the name given to deer antlers while they are growing and still in a cartilaginous state well supplied with blood, and enclosed in skin covered with fine hair.  The remarkably swift growth of the stag’s antler is unique in nature. No other living animal product grows once every year, only to be replaced the following year by the same natural process.

Scientists today are finding why the Chinese have been using Deer Velvet, a magical effective natural herb to strengthen and heal people of all ages, from the growing child to the aged and infirm.

Ongoing scientific research is providing exciting new insights into the pharmacological properties of Deer velvet, validating with clinical testing many of the wide-ranging claims of traditional Asian medicine.

There is a growing demand for safe natural remedies to combat environmental pollution and strengthen the immune system


Velvet antler is harvested from New Zealand farmed deer (Red Royal Deer) under hygienic conditions using special methods approved by New Zealand veterinary authorities in association with the NZ Game Industry Board. ApiHealth NZ Ltd purchases Deer antler or velvet antler from farms that follow protocols to ensure that the deer Antler is harvested at the right time to ensure its quality, and that it is then frozen or dried and stored under the appropriate conditions. After that Deer Antler is cleaned and separated and separated part of Antler then goes through the required extraction process.

Extensive research in Russia, China, Korea and New Zealand has show that deer velvet contains a rich source of essential minerals, vitamins, major amino acids and other nutrients, These include natural steroids, male and female hormones, anti-inflammatory prostaglandins (cell function regulators that tell the body how to respond to inflammation, tissue injury and pain), the protein collagen (well known for promoting healthy skin and hair), and the natural growth hormones IGF-1 and IGF-2.  These compounds often originate from the natural food deer’s consume in the wild like herbs and other unique plants.ApiHealth NZ Ltd has developed special extract from velvet antler, which was used as main ingredient in manufacturing of Deer Antler Manuka honey. The ApiHealth procedures are designed to ensure that the extracts meet strict microbiological standards for products suitable for human consumption. As well, each batch of product undergoes stringent quality assurance tests to ensure that the final product meets specification.

Deer Velvet is said to build up the body’s natural defences against disease. It is also considered a great energy product for both men and women.   According to report from Russia and New Zealand, antler generates haemoglobin, control blood pressure, increase lung efficiency, improves muscle and glandular functions, sharpens mental alertness, heals stomach ulcers, relieves the inflammation of arthritis and eases the debility’s of old age.

According to Chinese herbal doctors, Deer Velvet is used to condition the cardiovascular system, enhance vital energy, strengthen memory, balance the endocrine system and treat erectile dysfunction. The Chinese use antler as a tonic to maintain vibrant health, cure sickness and strengthen a week body.

Bio-Active Bee Pollen Extract

As gathered by the honey bee pollen is a very beneficial natural food and promoter of good health, which has been used by man for many centuries. No other natural product on earth could compete with bee pollen in the level of nutritional value. It is rich with natural components crucially important for human’s body metabolism and well being.

However along with these facts it is well known already, that bee pollen is a very indigestible food. If you swallow pollen grains whole, they pass through your digestive system almost intact. In other words, untreated pollen grains are of little nutritional value and could even cause an allergic reaction if an individual happens to be intolerant to that particular pollen variety. It is caused by the absence of special ferments in the human body, which are able to destroy and digest the pollen casings.

That is why lately there have been developed a number of new technologies for breaking the pollen shells to make the useful components of bee pollen more digestible.

ApiHealth NZ Ltd developed new technology of destruction of bee pollen casings and extraction technology.  Our new unique active bee pollen destruction and extraction technology represents a major advance in making the full benefits of pollen available to the human body. ApiHealth bee pollen extract goes through a number of filtration steps and concentrates


Bee Pollen extract, Deer Velvet extract, Alcohol base

Direction for use

12-15 drops in water

We are recommended to use disposable cup to avoid cleaning or add small amount of honey mixing together with water


People who have allergic reactions to Bee Pollen should seek medical advice before using this product


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