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Natural Support for Physical Stamina and Energy
  • Provides tonic and overall strengthening effect
  • Restores body’s natural energy resources
  • Activates intellectual faculties, lucidity of mind and physical stamina
  • Support the immune system

Manuka & Ginseng is tasty mix of NZ Manuka honey and natural tonic Ginseng extract which is credited with increasing strength and energy and boosting the immune system.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a superior treatment for wounds and infections. Manuka honey is gathered in New Zealand from Manuka bush, Leptospermum scoparium, which grows uncultivated throughout the country. Research by Dr. Peter Molan MBE of Waikato University has shown that Manuka honey has very potent anti-bacterial activity and very effective in destroying many stains of bacteria.

Panax Ginseng

Called the “King of Herbs”, ginseng is the best-known herb of all time to longevity enthusiasts. The Taoists say that ginseng has the strongest ability of any herb to condense the earthly ch’i and the five elemental energies into its root. Thus it can impart the “three vitalities” (ch’i, jing and shin) to anyone who partakes of it. Ginseng is renowned and revered for its ability to impart clarity of mind and awareness to its users.

In the first recorded Chinese treatise on herbs, Shen Nung said: “Ginseng is a tonic to the five viscera, quieting the animal spirits, stabilizing the soul, preventing fear, expelling the vicious energies, brightening the eye and improving vision, opening up the heart benefiting the understanding, and if taken for some time will invigorate the body and prolong life…”

Ginseng root is said to aid in replacing ch’i to the body’s meridians and organs. It develops the center (earth element) and supplies an adaptability to stressful situations. Its name means “essence of the earth in the form of a man”.

The chief constituents of ginseng are largely long chain polysaccharides, saponins, ginsenins, panoxic acid, panaxin, panaquilon, elemental minerals, and some B vitamins as well as other substances.

Saponins are considered to be the chief constituents of ginseng, together with many other elements, which have been shown in research to be just as important. The ability to aid in stress and action as an adaptogen has brought ginseng into the spotlight of modern herb consumers and has spurred much research.

In addition to the alterative effect on the entire body, ginseng has a very beneficial effect on the heart and circulation, modulating not only blood pressure but blood cholesterol as well. It stimulates the secretion of pepsin and relieves indigestion and eructations.

Ginseng is used generally for its tonic and adaptogenic benefits and its ability to increase strength and energy as well as its reported use as a longevity herb. Taoists have used it for hundreds of years for quieting the spirit in a manner much like the famous  Reishi Mushroom. In Russia ginseng is recommended to people over the age of forty for a six-week program of use annually


Premium New Zealand Manuka Honey

Active Ginseng extract – 1.5%

Direction for use

Recommended to start from 0.5 teaspoons daily.If no signs of allergy, increase dose gradually to 2-3 teaspoons daily.In order to get positive effect from honey it is recommend taking honey without any food or drink and keeping it in your mouth until complete dissolution.


People who have allergic reactions to ginseng should seek medical advice before using this product


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