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Manuka & Cinnamon

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Manuka honey with Cinnamon Extract is delicious product designed for well-being

                                          ✔ Antioxidant strength

                                          ✔ Support immune system

                                          ✔ General well-being

Scientific Support Information

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  2. Gunawardena D1, Karunaweera N, Lee S et al., 2015. Anti-inflammatory activity of cinnamon (C. zeylanicum and C. cassia) extracts – identification of E-cinnamaldehyde and o-methoxy cinnamaldehyde as the most potent bioactive compounds. Food & Function., 2015 Mar;6(3):910-9. doi: 10.1039/c4fo00680a.
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    Manuka & Cinnamon is delicious product designed for general health and well-being. It is completely natural product formulated from special blend of Manuka honey and Cinnamon extract.

    Main ingredient of Manuka & Burdock is Multifloral Manuka honey MGO100+, which is gathered in New Zealand from Manuka bush, Leptospermum scoparium, which grows uncultivated throughout the country. Manuka honey’s special qualities come from the Manuka flower nectar, which contributes unique natural compounds making Manuka Honey so different from other honeys. Manuka honey is fully certified with MPI definition and MGO testing.

    Second natural ingredient is Cinnamon Extract (8:1).


    Cinnamon is a spice that is made from the inner bark of trees scientifically known as Cinnamomum.It has been used as an ingredient throughout history, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt. It used to be rare and valuable and was regarded as a gift fit for kings. The distinct smell and flavour of cinnamon are due to the oily part, which is very high in the compound cinnamaldehyde.

    Researchers have concluded that cinnamon health benefits can be obtained in the form of its pure bark, essential oils, in ground spice form (which is bark powder) or in extract form when its special phenolic compounds, flavonoids and antioxidants have been isolated. These compounds make cinnamon one of the most health beneficial spices.

    The antioxidants in cinnamon can help relieve inflammation, which may help lower the risk of heart disease, cognitive decline and more.

    Because cinnamon lowers swelling and prevents inflammation, it can also be beneficial in pain management, with studies showing that cinnamon helps to reduce muscle soreness.

    Studies show that one of the top cinnamon health benefits is its ability to improve heart health. In fact, cinnamon has been shown to reduce several of the most common risk factors for heart disease, including cholesterol levels,  blood pressure to keep heart healthy and strong.

    Cinnamon is considered one of the best foods for diabetics. It can support blood sugar levels and sensitivity to the hormone insulin, which helps transport sugar from the bloodstream to the tissues to keep blood sugar levels balanced.

    Because cinnamon is rich in antioxidants, research shows that it may support brain function.


    – New Zealand Multifloral Manuka Honey MGO 100+

    – Cinnamon Extract (8:1) – 1.5%

    Direction for use

    Recommended to start from 0.5 teaspoons daily.If no signs of allergy, increase dose gradually to 2-3 teaspoons daily.In order to get positive effect from honey it is recommend taking honey without any food or drink and keeping it in your mouth until complete dissolution.


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