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Mobility Support for Dogs is advanced formula with NZ bee venom VENZ™, Glucosamine and Green Lipped mussels
  • Support Joint Mobility
  • Maintain Hip and Joint Health

Mobility Support for Dogs Chewable tablets are a unique combination of natural ingredients designed to support your beloved pets’ joint health and mobility.

Developed with care in New Zealand, our product combines the beneficial properties of New Zealand bee venom VENZ, Glucosamine, and Green-Lipped mussels to support a dog’s joint function and overall well-being. Regular use of our product may help promote joint flexibility and everyday activities.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride

Glucosamine is a natural compound found in the body, particularly in cartilage, where it plays a crucial role in maintaining joint health and supporting mobility. In dogs and cats, glucosamine may support joint function by keeping cartilage tissue lubricated and maintaining its naturally slippery texture.

Green Lipped Mussels

Green-lipped mussels are a natural product that provides nutritional support for joint health thanks to their rich content of glycosaminoglycans, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorylated glycogen, antioxidants, and minerals. These compounds are vital components of joint cartilage, providing structure and resilience to the joints and contributing to maintaining healthy cartilage and supporting joint function.

Bee Venom VENZ

Bee venom is a unique natural bee product. This novel health food ingredient is associated with natural solutions for maintaining healthy joints, mobility, and well-being. Bee venom in tiny quantities may support healthy joint mobility and vitality in dogs.

Advantage of New Zealand Bee Venom VENZ™

  • NZ bee venom collection technology you can trust. Since 1998, ApiHealth NZ Ltd has been leading the way in bee venom collection and bee venom product innovations. Our unique method of bee venom collection ensures that precious NZ honeybees are not harmed during the process.
  • Purity of Nature: ApiHealth NZ Bee Venom VENZ™ sourced from the unspoiled landscapes of New Zealand, our bee venom is a testament to the pure and untouched beauty of this extraordinary country.
  • Rich Biodiversity: New Zealand is home to diverse flora and fauna, creating a unique environment that contributes to the quality of New Zealand bee venom. The varied plant life enriches the venom with a spectrum of natural ingredients, enhancing its potential benefits for joint health.


NZ Bee Venom VENZ™,


Green Shell Mussel

Direction for use

Dosage by body weight:

Under 10 kg –0.5 tablet daily

10 kg to 20 kg – 1 tablet daily

Above 20 kg – 2 tablets daily


If your pet is allergic to bee stings, seek a professional advice before use this product


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